About the Artist


Siobhan Barrett is a painter and intuitive healer born in Hawaii and based out of the Seattle area. Much of her nautical and abstract work is influenced not only by her time living on a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez and during her international travels while serving in the USAF, but also inspired by her son, Sai'j.

As a 7-year combat veteran who survived years of crippling PTSD, anxiety and depression, Siobhan's career movement into the healing arts was somewhat non-traditional. She found unanticipated relief and change through energy work and art after her son was born, and left behind her former career path to pursue certifications in the healing modalities she experienced to share what had so positively impacted her life. Today, she blends energy work and art by creating her Medicine Paintings through a process of running Reiki on canvases to offer individuals nurturing energy through the artwork.

After receiving her certifications as Reiki Practitioner and Avesa Healer in 2017, she opened her Healing Practice and Art Studio, "Ipseity Incandescent Healing Arts", in West Seattle. This studio has become instrumental in facilitating her desire to give back to the community through her Community Healing Program; through this program, she offers accessible, donation-based or sliding scale spiritual wellness sessions to clients in need. Her vision is to expand her practice into a wellness and resource center within the next three years, and hopes to fund this growing program and others like it through continued proceeds from purchases of her art.

                                                                                                             ©Kendall Lauren Photography, 2018

                                                                                                            ©Kendall Lauren Photography, 2018

Body of Work

2017: Awakening

2017: Shadow and Light (available)

2017 - current: A Storm at Sea (available)

2018 - current: Of Clay and Water (available)


Gallery Representation:

May 2018, Community Folk Arts, Burien WA



April 19, 2018, Community Folk Arts Opening Reception, Burien

April & May 2018, West Seattle Artwalk, Hotwire Coffeehouse, West Seattle

March 2018, Divine Spine Chiropractic, Ballard

March 8, 2018, Women's Health Fair, Ballard

February & March 2018, Proletariat, White Center

January 2018, Fresh Flours, White Center

October 13 - November 24 2017, Tarot Showcase, Black Zia, Burien

November 18 2017, Burien Arts Vision 20/20, Burien

September 29, 2017, Underground Market Pop-Up Shop, Seattle

September 2017, West Seattle Artwalk, Hotwire Coffeehouse, West Seattle

August 2017, Private Gallery, Castros, West Seattle

June 2017, B-Town Beat Artwalk, Burien Press, Burien