Artist Statement

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Siobhan's artwork speaks of deeply uncertain waters, clay earth drenched in downpour beneath storm pressure, and shadow and light shifting into balance, each otherworldly and rich. These pieces are channeled, favored memories; some, fragments of days spent gazing out over the sea while living aboard a sailboat. Others, childhood recollections of carefully measured interludes from lightning strike to thundering bellow in the mountains of New Mexico. 

Many pieces indicate a presenting chaos, while a few still only mutedly suggest such potential. Yet the underlying energy for each remains the same: stillness inherent in the midst of maelstrom. To feel moved without being uprooted. To dive deeply beneath the surface to find a quiet, gentle center in which one might stretch out to catch one's breath. 

Each painted depiction stands representative of the creation of calm through panic; the artist survived many years of Post Traumatic Stress from military deployments long since past, and transformation was found years later through energy work and art. As a result, her artwork is created reflectively, intentionally and intuitively to offer this Medicine. 

Rarely are specific processes planned in advance, and her muses consistently return to the pigments and horizon line inherent in the filaments of her being. Rich, dark, moody shades of grey, blue, purple, rusty brown and gold run through her mind day in and out, and burn softly to be brought into form. Acrylic, oil and watercolor are the mediums that have held her focus, and her recent works fluctuate between later two; oil offers expansive potential for nautical realism, and watercolor encourages energy to be cast in abstract without limitation.